Etheridge Cleaning prides itself on setting the highest standards in school cleaning

Settling in for a day’s work, and drinking my first cuppa , I thought I would flick through some of the monthly magazines that had arrived on my desk. Looking through the INCLEAN Magazine, the only dedicated cleaning and hygiene industry magazine in the Australian and New Zealand markets, I was pleasantly surprised to see an article all about Etheridge Cleaning and Maintenance Services. Although not surprised that an article about our company was written, as Keith Watts, one of INCLEAN’S freelance journalist had dropped in to interview us a couple of months previous, the surprise was that, we had no idea as to when it was going to be publish or even ‘if’ it was going to be published.

As well as being flattered that such a magazine had heard about Etheridge Cleaning and Maintenance Services and the reputation that we have worked so hard to achieve, but to be singled out as a leading cleaning company in Geelong and within the Education area was a testament  to every employee that works for Graeme and Heide.

Etheridge Cleaning and Maintenance Services is a humble Geelong cleaning company, we don’t go out looking for publicity or go around bragging about how good we are so to be singled out by an industry specific, national cleaning magazine is fantastic. 

If you get a chance visit our Facebook page and have a look at the article.