What does it mean to be Quality Accredited?

Our achievement of gaining AS ISO 9001:2008 Quality Accreditation is a testament to our commitment to continuous improvement. This accreditation ensures that Etheridge Cleaning & Maintenances Services and our staff abides by all WorkSafe requirements, but what is ISO9001:2008 certification?

When we talk about our company obtaining ISO 9001:2008 certification, people often ask us, “Why does your company need to be ISO 9001 certified?” Good question. ISO 9001 is the quality management system (QMS) standard and it produces numerous benefits for any company willing to go that route.

Becoming ISO 9001 certified means to pass a physical ISO 9001:2008 certification  audit, we are audited by SAI Global who provides organizations around the world with information services and solutions for managing risk, achieving compliance, auditing and re certification through independent assessments to reduce risks and enhance services and product quality.

Sounds impressive but what advantages does ISO 9001 give to our company:

1. Meeting Customer Requirements - Many companies will only do business with suppliers that are certified as ISO 9001 compliant, giving us the opportunity to open up new markets, while satisfying existing customers by reducing the risks associated with doing business with Etheridge Cleaning and Maintenance Services and securing their on-going business.

2. Improve our Companies Quality - A quality management system standard is all about quality, of course, one result of adopting a QMS should be an improved level of quality for the entire organization — every process, and every service.

3. Increase Customer Satisfaction with your Services - Quality means we will deliver everything our customers expect and more, this means less complaints and doing a better job of resolving those we do get, with a quality management system we should know what our customers expect and we should be providing it, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

4. Developing a Professional Culture - Implementing an ISO 9001 Quality Management System can provide both company and employee with clear expectations (quality objectives and job descriptions), the tools to do their job (procedures and work instructions), and prompt, actionable feedback on their performance. The result?  An improved company culture and a more professional staff!

So is a quality management system worth the time, money and commitment???

The answer is absolutely… this is what stands Etheridge Cleaning and Maintenance Services above our competitors and why we proudly boast that we are the largest and best cleaning and maintenance company in the Geelong Region.