Change in Buying Habits

The biggest thing that is changing in business is the buying habits of our customers. It used to be that customers for cleaning services came through referrals and reputation of the business, and although this still is an important aspect of business, consumers are much more likely to go online, do research and find the services they want. Consumers have been relying on the internet to find businesses and products in their local areas for years, they use social media, review websites and mobile search to conduct research before making their purchases. In fact, consumers adopt new technologies much faster than businesses, large or small, the good news is that this change in decision making habits represents a big opportunity for companies that are engaging their consumers online.

In a recent study 4 in 5 consumers use search engines to find local information, the top three types of local searches were: (a) 41% were looking for addresses, (b) 36% were looking for products and services, and (c) 30% were looking for phone numbers of local businesses. The top three business categories of search were restaurants, retail shops and services.

Because of this, developing a strong online reputation and carefully maintaining it, is an essential part of our local marketing plan.

It should be the goal of every business to embrace new technology, a minimum requirement in today’s business strategy should be a website, facebook and Instagram account. In this evolving landscape, if you don’t react quickly and open to change, then you will miss out.