Etheridge Cleaning and Maintenance Services is Geelong's leading school cleaning provider. We know how important it is to keep your school and classrooms clean and fresh.  Parents, teachers, staff and visitors all have an expectation that the cleanliness of their school environment is of the highest quality and conducive to a positive workplace and learning facility. Reliable, friendly & trustworthy cleaners are placed into our schools, complete with ‘Working With Children’ state certification and work closely with the Principals, staff, parent groups and students to deliver the best results!

School Holiday Programmed Cleaning
Etheridge Cleaning and Maintenance Services schedule holiday cleaning to improve the appearance of the school grounds, entrance ways, common areas, pathways, canteens and general external areas as well as programmed cleaning of classrooms, hallways, general purpose, technology and specialty rooms and toilets. 

Etheridge Cleaning and Maintenance Services provide services common to schools such as:

  • Toilet & Urinal Deep Clean  
  • Vinyl Floor Rejuvenation
  • Steam Clean Carpets 
  • Gum Removal
  • Internal / External Window Clean
  • Re Sanding & Coating of Timber Floors (Gymnasiums)
  • Door Mat Maintenance
  • Cleaning Consumable Supplies
  • Graffiti Removal